Case Profiles

Hovermale Law's Case Profiles To get an idea of the cases we’ve successfully handled to conclusion, take a look at our case profiles. They’ll give you an idea of how we work as well as a sense of the skill, experience and resources needed to be able to successfully go up against the corporate healthcare system.

Hovermale Law: Birth Injury Medical Malpractice CasesBirth Injury Malpractice Case Profiles

We've brought to resolution many cases in which cerebral palsy or other lasting brain damage was caused by an injury to the baby or inappropriate dosing of drugs given to the mother at birth.

Examples of Successful Birth Injury Cases

Hovermale Law: Failure to Diagnose Cancer Medical Malpractice CasesFailure to Diagnose Cancer Medical Malpractice Case Profiles

When a medical professional ignores or fails to notice reasonable signs of malignancy, the cancer may progress unchecked and often results in untimely death. Hovermale Law is very experienced in these types of cases.

Hovermale Law: Surgical Injury Medical MalpracticeExamples of Successful Cases Alleging Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Surgical Injury Malpractice Case Profiles

Many things can go wrong before, during and after a major surgery.  We've successfully handled many cases where medical professionals either acted negligently in the operating room or failed to perform proper follow-up care.

Examples of Successful Surgical Injury Cases

Hovermale Law: Other Medical Malpractice CasesOther Medical Malpractice

Improper medical care may result in a debilitating long-term injury, or even death. Hovermale Law has successfully resolved many cases alleging that the care given was negligent, dangerous or harmful.

Examples of Medical Malpractice Cases

Hovermale Law: General Negligence CasesGeneral Negligence

Hovermale Law has successfully represented many victims of personal injury due to automobile collisions, inadequate public safety measures, workplace hazards, and other negligence.

Examples of Successful General Negligence Cases