Our Approach

Hovermale Law's unique approach to Medical Malpractice LawFocus:

Ken Hovermale limits his law practice to a few selected cases per year involving general negligence. His emphasis is on giving these few cases, the time, money, and effort required to obtain the best result possible for severely injured people.


Many cases involve severely injured children and adults. Their future and the quality of their lives depend upon the resulting settlement or verdict. These clients, victims of negligence, deserve the best effort and the utmost commitment from their lawyer.


Ken Hovermale has been lead trial counsel in medical malpractice and negligence cases throughout the country for over thirty years. He has amassed a broad, national network of contacts with knowledge in all major medical specialties.


Ken Hovermale has never (and will never) represent doctors, hospitals, or insurance companies in medical malpractice cases.

If you have a potential negligence case, Ken is here to talk to you about it and, if promising, investigate and handle it for you - all on a fee sharing basis consistent with the Bar Rules.
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